When Rings Chen Yibing Seconds On The Swing

Chen yibing, the world champion had also joined the reality show! on November 28, Shenzhen satellite TV program group will collect the shine's father Chen yibing, Pan Wei Bo, Yunxiang Gao and Huang Zitao four bit "Dad", and around them, and just as cute kids the fun of life brings to audience a fresh story. In September of this year Chen yibing has welcomed the birth of his daughter, and the new dad will be more testing in this program, but is also done my homework in advance.

In this second beat Chen yibing children hugged him around the waist, he is in charge, took the rings, and used as "human swing", children playing merrily, and laughed all the time. While the video is only 45 seconds, but Chen yibing atmosphere to get along very well with children, makes the small series of the show is full of curiosity. How the four men were how to get along with kids he didn't know it? you go watch the Shenzhen satellite TV now!