United States Issued A Check Bolt Resolve Loose Fastener Industry Issues

United States recently released a locking bolt (PLB), CEO Mark Doll said: the PLB is simple but intelligent design. PLB can reduce maintenance and responsibility, and at the same time increasing safety, greatly reduced costs. Also has double-threaded nut system, to reduce or eliminate common self loosening the fastener industry issues.

PLB has a pair of threaded bolt rod and two different size nuts. First the master bolt for coarse threaded nut on the rod, external or second nut is fine thread nut on the rod, or "nut lock nut". When the PLB may lead to loose myself outside forces, main nut than a second nut lock nut to speed away from the preset pressure of the bolt on the rod. Any leads to loose power, the main nut and a second nut away from the preset pressure at different rates, mechanical locking between the two nuts.