Rings World Champion Love Double Harvest Injury Recurrence Risk

SINA sports news at present, Chinese gymnastics team regular winter training in Nanjing. World rings champion this year after today's training session You Hao told Sina sports in an interview, review our 2015. You Hao, 2015 is a career and love of double harvest year, he won the rings title at this year's World Championships, which was his first individual world champion. The other hand, You Hao also yielded an enviable love.

When asked what is the harvest this year, You Hao said: "gymnastics, at this year's World Championships, and I won the rings title, broke their results, a small step forward. Life, my feelings very well on the road this year, I caught up with a girl a lot of time, she finally agreed to be my girlfriend. However, I will still be dominated by training and competition, because next year is the year of the Olympic Games. ”