Old Bus Hanging Bar Back And Forth After Warm Up Directly "hands-on" Bus Ring

Recently, a bus took such a scene frightening: "friends" white horse screaming westerly v Wuhan "microblogging and explosive material, said yesterday at 16 o'clock, 377 on the bus, an old man is about 6 years old playing hearts, of handrails in the Interior as a horizontal bar and health up. Driver kindly remind, my mother-in-law "generously" said: "the fall is my own. ”

Reporters and bloggers to contact Cao. He explained that yesterday he gutian four long road railway station take a bus line 377 to Wu Sheng Lu. "Just get on, he found that the seat next to a 60-something mother-in-law, paced back and forth in the carriage, like exercise. "Cao did not expect is that the form of exercise for the elderly soon" upgrade ", looks scared all the passengers on the bus.