Fan Yilin Parallel Admission Pressure Rings Of Accidents Insurance Regrets

Four people tied for the women's uneven bars champion, Fan Yilin of China win the first gold of this year's World Championships, but she said she thought this would be the case, self-assessment techniques, is preferable to the remaining three. Rings-insurance You Hao and Liu Yang, have pointed out that because of shaky mistakes and regrets failing to win.

"Very happy, very excited. "Fan Yilin sweet smile after the game, despite being tied with three other players Championships, but after all, this is China the first gold medal of this year's World Championships, had just turned 16 the day before for Fan Yilin birthday, is undoubtedly the best birthday gift.

Four tied for the Championship, Fan Yilin himself even says "absolutely did not", so four people who should win the Fan Yilin is confident about his performance. "My technique better than they should be, complete with them. "Look, Fan Yilin was the magistrates lowered his own execution.