Eye Ring

Eye ring

The fastening condition of the connection part of the eye ring ----- deformation of the wire rope and casing deformation, wear, corrosion, cracks.Sling in the process of lifting shock, no corrosion, no electricity, and can be used in flammable environments;The cross-sectional shape of the harness is changed with the surface shape of the carved piece itself, which is relatively soft and does not wear off the pieces, but also reduces the possibility of rebounding;In the lifting process to prohibit knotting hoisting, or knotted way to link harness hoisting, should use a dedicated connector;The color of the harness represents the size of his tonnage;The elastic elongation of the sling is small, the working load is less than 3%, the breaking bearing is less than 10%Lifting the working temperature of the harness: -40-100 can directly play his characteristics.