Arrived at the Riverside three months without injustice without hatred of Windows were smashed on the side bolts

Hangzhou binjiang Shay ran into trouble, the car in the parking lot overnight, the next day over a look, front and rear windshield was smashed. He doubts and concerns a building site around.

Shay's the Harvard H1, then stops at Hangzhou binjiang jianghan road and spring road intersection near the parking lot. The 19th at 10 o'clock in the morning, he'll drive.

Shay has been open to the 4S shop to repair the car, and he provided the photos, have obvious impact on the windshield of the car.

Xiaoxie said, the size and location of the point of impact, the rusty bolts and consistent. Bolt end is where it came from? Xiaoxie, is next to the car park on the site falls, consult to find construction.