Arena bolt tie compensation for disabled players a trial court arena 26,000 yuan

Liuzhou of Guangxi News Network News (reporters Wang Jining) players playing in the arena game, ball badminton during the hit arena rod bolts cause eye injury, Visual impairment. For player injuries, the arena should take responsibility? For the cases of compensation for personal injury, liuzhou, liunan District Court recently found that the arena was not fulfilled security obligations, should bear the primary responsibility.

May 13, 2009, at 7 o'clock in the evening, on behalf of unit in liuzhou blossom badminton Hall (hereinafter referred to as arena) to participate in a volleyball match, in the process of saving, trips over the arena in the fall the ground, fence, fell to the ground in the process happens to encounter badminton Rod bolt next to the fence, bolt directly into its left eye and bleeding.

After an injury, was immediately sent to hospital for medical treatment. Diagnosed by the hospital, to lacrimal duct amputated on the left eye, left eye laceration of eyelid skin, eyes with high myopia. Since then, has been to a hospital for treatment, between September 2010 and end of treatment, to cover medical and other expenses more than 2000 Yuan. Forensic, to injury for ten disabled.