"One of the bolts are not loose"

We carefully check the ' break ' check tool to prevent omissions, on the road, make sure you wear non-slip Sandals before...... "

January 24, 7:50, Qujing line work area for the Qujing works foreman Zhang was doing "break" Inspection Division of tasks, starting from last night on turnout for snow and ice removal operations 11 "yellow jacket" full, fluttering snowflakes to station equipment checks.

Snow and cold weather, area starts severe weather alerts in a timely manner, organization personnel on duty covering the station equipment for "break" inspection, busiest work area equipment in the jurisdiction of the Shanghai-Kunming line, especially in Qujing stands 67 units of point switches and equipment in the region to take the train in and out of heavy responsibility, marshalling the prevailing, not sloppy.