"Needles" hard to find "rare"

Qinghai news network "button on clothes don't know where and want to buy a new change, turned to several supermarkets, still can not buy! "Who lives in Xining city, chengxi district, Guo said. With Guo's "news" reporter visited many large supermarkets in the city, such as candles, thimble and dark buckle found "needles" of cheap small goods hard to find.

In an interview, who lives in sea Lake District, Xining, Liu told reporters about his Grandma to buy thimbles happened. "Our generation sewing without thimbles, accustomed to work wearing a thimble. "Liu said. Reporters learned that my grandmother used to live in the countryside, leisure time like doing a sachet, accustomed to doing needlework. Now she was making sachet "needles" is a granddaughter from small commodity market, almost impossible to buy in the supermarket.